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No need for lengthy courses, reading a stack of books or googling for hours, we have done the hard work for you. Taking what we have learnt over the years from working in the building industry and renovating property, we have created easy to use, step by step guides for you to plan, organise and build your next project.


Our Toolkits will show you how to:

  • Understand your options
  • Create your project brief
  • Ask the questions you need to get your design right
  • Know who you can choose to work with
  • Budget, prepare and negotiate
  • Compare and evaluate costs and quotes
  • Understand your plans and drawings
  • Navigate the build sequence for your project
  • Know which trades will be involved in the build
  • How to find the right trades for your project
  • Manage your builder and trade professionals
  • Master the language of building
  • Manage the handover and completion
  • Find other useful links and resources
  • Decide the best options for you

Whether you are simply thinking about renovating or building, or are just about to kick things off, having our Toolkit by your side as you source, plan, negotiate and manage your project will save you time, money and take the headache out of building!

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It's Your Choice!

STEP 1:  Select the Toolkit that best fits your project.

STEP 2:  Click & Pay to have the Toolkit of your choice delivered directly to your door. 

STEP 3:  You can expect delivery within 7~10 business days depending on your postcode. 

Every Toolkit includes:

  • Professionally colour printed, high quality, gloss workbook (85 - 120 pages in length depending on the Toolkit selected) 
  • Project Management Folder to help you manage your project paperwork and keep you on track
  • Plastic Sleeves Business Card Holders to keep your contacts in one place
  • Plastic Envelope Sleeves to store your architectural plans and drawings
  • Plastic Sleeve Inserts to store quotes and brochures for quick and easy access
  • Plenty of space for you to add and store all those pieces of paper you will collect whilst you plan, research and execute the build

All this comes in a handy Build in Common Tote Bag to allow you to take your Project Toolkit with you as you source products, visit showrooms and meet with building professionals on site. The Toolkit will be your go-to-reference guide as your renovation or building project takes shape. Once completed, it is also a wonderful way to store all your paperwork, warranties and receipts in one handy place for easy reference down the track.  

All that's left now is to select the right Toolkit for your project!


Your Toolbox

Project Brief Template

Digital Project Brief

This template will guide you through the process of taking your ideas for your home renovation or building project, and capture these into a powerful Project Brief for you to share with your builder, building designer, architect or specialist trades.e result that will put a smile on your face.

Kitchen Renovation Toolkit

Kitchen Renovation Toolkit

Dreaming of a new kitchen?

If you are thinking of giving your tired old kitchen a facelift or perhaps even gutting it completely and starting from scratch, our Kitchen Renovation Toolkit is for you! This go to guide will step you through the 7 key steps in building a kitchen, making sure that you end of with the result that will put a smile on your face.

Bathroom and Laundry Renovation Toolkit

Bathroom & Laundry Renovation Toolkit

Often home owners decide to tackle an upgrade of both the bathroom and laundry areas at the same time, as a cost effective means of utilising common trades and materials for both rooms. Either way, our Bathroom & Laundry Renovation Toolkit will help you through the planning, design and build process of these traditionally challenging wet-areas.



We are busy putting this Toolbox together right now, so please be patient. To be part of our pre-release subscribe to our Build in Common community today to be one of the first to receive release updates!

Extension Toolkit

Extension Toolkit

Many of us are choosing to extend or renovate our homes to give ourselves more room to live, play or work, rather than selling up and moving on. If you are taking this approach and are planning on extending up or out, by adding another storey or a couple of extra rooms, let our Extension Toolkit take the pain out of getting started.  Understanding the 7 key steps in the build cycle will make you feel confident and comfortable sourcing and negotiating with trades and builders.

New Build Toolkit

New Build Toolkit

Our New Build Toolkit is designed to help you understand the build process and give you the confidence to ask all the right questions. This go to guide is perfect for calibrating expectations as to what to reasonably expect from your builder, when to expect what and importantly how to choose the right building professionals for your project. From design to lock-up stage, all the questions in one place.

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