Ventilating your laundry

When considering your laundry renovation or build, don’t forget to think about the ventilation in the room.

There are ventless dryers on the market, but if you don’t have one of these machines, you’ll require good and adequate ventilation. Plus, how many of us have had to hang our washing inside during the wet and cold winter months?

Ventilation is very important for buildings as they remove stale air and replenish rooms with much needed fresh air. It also helps to moderate temperatures, reduces moisture, prevents condensation, controls impurities (all those nasties), removes odours and provides air movement.

There are different types of ventilation systems that are used in laundries, the most popular are windows and exhaust fans.


Yes believe it, one of the most effective ventilation comes from windows. We’ve all opened a window to either let a breeze in to cool a space, let odours/steam out or just for the comfort of a room.


Natural ventilation at its best.

Exhaust fans

Areas that get steamy (think bathroom) or have short fast blasts of steam with odours (think cooktop) use this type of ventilation. There are many different types eg. ceiling, pull out, overhead, they all do the same by extracting air from a space.

When thinking of your laundry project make sure to talk to your builder about the ventilation requirements and options so that your new space will not only look great but also be comfortable and well ventilated.



Planning the position of your washing machine and dryer in advance could save you a lot of effort and headaches down the track.