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Kim, Single Mum, NSW

"Thank you Build In Common for helping to smooth the way with my recent kitchen renovation. This was my first renovation, and as a single mum I was feeling completely out of my depth, despite months of research. I had arrived at what I thought was my final design brief, that was until I read your checklist and realised I had missed a few key considerations! Once that was adjusted, and I had completed my negotiations with my kitchen design company, I was able to again use your toolkit to make sure the contract I was signing was comprehensive and included everything it should. The installation was a success!

On a separate note, I also had the house painted at the same time, to do a complete refresh. A few months later I had an issue with ‘sweating paint’. Not being sure who to turn to, I asked the question of Build in Common and they kindly investigated the matter for me. It turns out it is a real thing, and I was able to contact my painter and have the problem fixed very quickly.

Thanks for all of your help Build in Common, you made a stressful process so much more manageable and helped provide me with the confidence that I was covering all of the necessary angles."

Kim Kitchen copy

Linda, Builder, WA

"If you want to renovate or develop property and you are a newbie, these Build in Common Toolkits will help you to be a more informed and confident Project Manager.

I would be very happy to work with clients using the Build in Common Toolkits; there are definitive benefits for all parties. What a great product!"

We love all the positive feedback we have been receiving from builders and trade professionals about our Toolkits since launching. It is fantastic to see the great response from industry professionals who want to change the tone of their conversations with clients. Many have been telling us that the Toolkits will not only empower their clients, but also make their jobs easier.

By calibrating expectations, creating a mutual understanding about the build process and making sure there are no "unknowns" left on the table, industry professionals can concentrate on what they do best. Building beautiful properties!


Maree, Full-time Student, Wife and Mother, WA

"Just thought I'd let you know that I've had a quick read through everything in the Toolkit.

I'm so grateful that I have this info, as there are a lot of things that I hadn't considered, and probably wouldn't have thought to do, from what questions to ask and checking what insurance is required, through to making sure that I get certificates/warranties for my records.

I've realised that I will need to seriously consider the starting time for this project as I cannot have tradies here interrupting me when I'm trying to get final assignments done, or study for exams.

I'm only at the stage of creating a brief... but the Toolkit will help me to clarify my project brief and will now make sure that it is in writing so there can be no argument over exactly what I asked for!

For someone who has never undertaken a renovation, I am quickly realising just how much value is in this Toolkit.  If it prevents me from making even one minor error, your Toolkit will have been worth every cent!


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