New Build Home Toolkit


Our New Build Toolkit is designed to help you understand the build process and give you the confidence to ask all the right questions. It is the perfect tool for calibrating expectations as to what to reasonably expect from your builder, when to expect what and importantly how to choose the right building professionals for your project. From design to lock-up stage, all the questions in one place. Your builder will thank you for it!

The New Build Home Toolkit includes 110 pages of practical and easy to follow information:

  • Introduction
  • Creating a Project Brief
  • The Design
  • Your Budget
  • Evaluation
  • Contract & Plans
  • The Build
  • The Handover
  • Other Useful Links & Templates
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Our Build in Common New Build Home Toolkit is designed to take the uncertainty out of your project and empower you to understand and take control of your new build. Knowing what a new build process involves will take the guesswork out of your project, save you time and avoid costly mistakes.

How will this Toolkit help you?

The thought of building your home is exciting and one that probably has taken some time to come to fruition. Well done! However, now that you have made this decision, how will it all work? Do you simply choose a builder and hope that they bring your dream home to life for you? For most of us, property tends to be the single largest investment we make in our lives. Many Australians looking to enter the housing market see this still as one of the best ways to obtain long term financial security. The large majority of Australians are not serial renovators or builders, so we are left reliant on experts and professionals in what is still very much a male dominated industry.  Afraid of looking ignorant or being taken advantage of, many view this as a daunting and intimidating process. At Build in Common we want to deconstruct the construction process for any consumer, regardless of gender, age or experience.

Through this Toolkit we will give you the confidence to ask the right questions, to the right person, at the right time in the build cycle. You may already have thought about the design of your home, with some ideas about the look and feel you are trying to achieve. You may even have an inkling about materials, finishes, colours and the style of fixtures and fittings you would love to incorporate. But what about the real challenges: What actual building work is involved? What do you need to do first? Who does what? Where should you start?

Information is power. Our Build in Common New Build Toolkit is designed to take the uncertainty out of your project and empower you to understand and take control. Using this Toolkit will demystify the terminology you will hear and calibrate your expectations as to what will happen before, during and after the build process. Knowing this will save you time, reduce some of the most common frustrations and avoid costly mistakes.

Our New Home Toolkit will show you how to:

  • Understand your options
  • Create your project brief
  • Ask the questions you need to get your design right
  • Know who you can choose to work with
  • Budget, prepare and negotiate
  • Compare and evaluate costs and quotes
  • Understand your plans and drawings
  • Navigate the build sequence for your project
  • Know which trades will be involved in the build
  • How to find the right trades for your project
  • Manage your builder and trade professionals
  • Master the language of building
  • Manage the handover and completion
  • Find other useful links and resources
  • Decide the best options for you

On top of this, we share a bucket load of hints and tips with you to take the unexpected out of your project and help you understand up front what will be involved. There is a lot of work to be done to get you from “we need a new home” to taking possession of set of keys, so let’s get started!