New Build Home Toolkit


The big hitter!  Building a new home is by no means a small feat so we’ve given it the attention it deserves.

We’ve created a complete guide that gives you the knowledge, industry insights, advice, how to avoid mistakes and preparation tools so you can tackle building your dream home with confidence and be in control.




  • 110 pages
  • New Build project brief and design template
  • Navigating the build sequence for your residential build project
  • Design process guide
  • Design checklists and planning templates
  • Budget planner
  • Assessing and evaluating quotes
  • Negotiating contracts
  • Handover checklist
  • Expert advice, tips and professional guidance in understanding the building world
  • Interpreting “builder talk” and their drawings
  • Visual examples, diagrams and plans
  • How to choose and manage your builders
  • External resources
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For most of us, property tends to be the single largest investment we make in our lives- with many looking to enter the housing market as a means to obtain long term financial security!

With the price of new-build homes ranging from the hundred of thousands to millions, getting it right is so imperative as any mistakes or errors are not only costly but can lead down a legal path. Something we can all agree we want to avoid!

In the building world the professionals have studied/worked for 3-5 years to qualify, yet clients are expected to manage their projects with minimal or no experience in the construction industry. Afraid of looking ignorant or being taken advantage of, many therefore view this is a daunting and intimidating process.


Too often we’ve heard someone say “I’d love to build, but I just don’t know where to start”, which is why at Build In Common we want to deconstruct the construction process for anybody- regardless of gender, background, age or experience!

Our New Build Toolkit guides you through the important hard-hitting questions:

Who? What? When? Where? Why? and How?

This resource is in a comprehensive Q&A format tailored specifically to suit you and your needs and wants, not the industry’s; something that has never done before!

No need for lengthy courses, painful studying or confusing builder opinions, because we have done the hard work for you! We have taken what many experience as endless hours of frustration and aggravation, and used our professional experience working in the building/renovating industry to create this easy, step-by-step guide to make you feel confident, informed and ultimately the BOSS.

How to use the New Build Toolkit:

  • Open up and follow the guide. We’ve created the chapters in the toolkits in the sequence that the industry works. So by following the steps you’ll have paid attention to when and what is important in the building process, which means you’ll avoid mistakes that can be costly. Plus you’ll know what to expect so you’ll be well prepared and avoid the “hidden things”. No use being at the finish line if the track hasn’t been designed right or built yet. Like the saying goes “Planning to fail is failing to plan”
  • Take your time to digest the information. If need be re -read as many times as you want. There is a lot of information in the building world that you will come across, so do it at your pace!
  • We’ve specifically written the toolkits with the ‘special ingredients’ which is a comprehensive Q&A format. We give you all the RIGHT questions to ask yourself and the building professionals before, during and after, so write notes as you go along. Your answers are vital to making sure you get your vision right, you get the best out of the experts, get the service you deserve and get the project you dream of.
  • Take the toolkit with you when on site or meeting building professionals. It will keep you on track, keeps you focused and keeps the building experts accountable. As someone described his toolkit – “the bible”
  • Your toolkits are large folders, so use them as your Project Manager tool. Keep all your drawings, invoices, quotes and information in the toolkit so you always have your project information at your fingertips.

Customer Review:

Cameron, Married and Father of 3 Young Children, VIC

“From beginners to builders, the Build In Common Toolkit has helped us gain the confidence to build our dream home. Before laying our hands on the guide we were procrastinating and unsure of what steps, questions or options we should explore. This simple to use project toolkit removed any ambiguity and gave us a logical framework to follow step by step with our builders saving us valuable time and money.”