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Our Toolkits: Customer Feedback

We’re often asked questions about our Toolkits but one of the most common is “Why would I get one?”  This is a fair question and we can hand on heart tell you how awesome our Toolkits are, but instead of hearing from us, we thought we’d go to someone who’s used one of our Toolkits and see what they thought.

We had the pleasure of sitting down and having a virtual chat with Cameron in Melbourne who has recently moved into his brand-new dream home in Geelong with his wife and three young children. Here’s what he had to say about his experience with our Toolkit.


What Toolkit did you use and why?

We used the New Build Toolkit as my wife and I had decided to build our dream home after exploring our options.


How would you describe the Build In Common Toolkit?

The New Build Toolkit for us was really simple to use. It allowed us to think through the whole project that we’d been planning for a few of years. For us to be able to think through the critical steps right from the very beginning was so helpful.

The information is broken down very simplistically. I certainly don’t have a trade background and neither does my wife, so our ability to be able to get on the same page with our builder right from the very beginning was so valuable.

The Toolkits demystify building which provides you with confidence to roll out your project.


Was there a particular part of the Toolkit you and your wife found most beneficial?

Without a doubt the Project Brief!

We wanted to build a double story home and we’d been looking around at a range of display homes, we’d asked a whole range of volume builders “which was the right house for us?” but none of them could quite create our dream house.

By going through the process of completing our Project Brief, it allowed us the confidence to sit down at the very beginning with a builder and say “these are the non-negotiables in what we want to achieve”. We were able to get focused and maintain focus as sometimes there are so many distractions that it can get confusing.

When we had to make decisions or we weren’t on the same page, we would ask ourselves “what’s in the Project Brief?”. We actually called it The Bible!


Did you use your Toolkit throughout the process of your build once construction had started?

Absolutely. Whenever there was something I didn’t quite understand or there was a process around the wrong way, I was able to quickly grab it and understand where we were at in the build.

If I was really unsure or I felt there was a better option to solve a problem, I’d actually sit down with my builder and spend time going through my Toolkit and ask them “what do you think about these steps or parts of the process?”.

It was such a good thing for my builder and his team, as it ensured that we were all on the same page and I had some control in the situation.


One of the objectives, when we created the Toolkits, was that we wanted people to have a final project that they loved and importantly enjoyed the process. Did the Toolkit assist you in this?

Great question. The Toolkit ensured we all understood our vision and provided us with clarity and calmness. With this project there was not only the financial burden involved but the emotional one as we wanted our family dream home. When decisions, and there are so many to make when you’re building, we were able to apply logic and be non-emotive. My wife and I would pick up the Toolkit and look at what we had answered and what our Project Brief said and if it didn’t fit into what we had; it didn’t belong. Therefore, we were in control and enjoyed the build so much more.


Would you recommend Build In Common Toolkits to others?

Definitely. I’ve actually recommended Build In Common to a number of people already, including people within the construction industry as I see it as a useful product for them to offer their clients.


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