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Build in Common was created to - EMPOWER, ENABLE and DYMYSTIFY.

We are passionate about empowering and enabling consumers from all walks of life to navigate the renovation and building process. Our vision is to ensure that anyone can have the confidence to undertake property upgrades, building projects and developments to build wealth, security and financial independance.


Justine Teggelove

Co-founder & Director

"I aim to live my life by the ethos of paying it forward...I'm playing my part in demystifying the building industry and empowering women to have a go!"

Hi there! I am the Co-founder & former CEO of Rodine Australia, a commercial construction company with a national portfolio. My career path has been quite unconventional, to say the least. Starting in Western Australia in the psychiatric nursing field, I have constantly pursued diverse opportunities and development. My lack of construction experience didn't stop me when my husband and I founded Rodine Australia in 2006.

I know firsthand that construction can at times be a challenging space, yet with clear planning, knowing what to expect, who will be doing what, understanding the building phases and terminology, a project can indeed be most rewarding. More importantly, you have a build that has met your expectations, or hopefully, exceeded it. It’s because of these reasons that we founded Build In Common.

Outside of my role as CEO, I’m a mum to 2 wonderful children. I also sit on a number of boards and mentor a diverse range of people from a multitude of industries, which I find most rewarding as I’m able to share what I’ve learned over the years. I also have a passion for Community, and through overseeing the philanthropic arm of Rodine, I’m able to have a meaningful and direct impact. As we say at Rodine - ‘building communities’.

Throughout my career, I’ve been very fortunate to have some pinch-me moments.

  • Attended Business Chicks and Virgin Unite Women's Leadership Program on Necker Island with Sir Richard Branson and other world leaders.
  • Being nominated multiple times for the Telstra Australian Business Women of the Year Awards.
  • The honour of being listed in the Top #100 Women construction industry initiative.

As one of only a few female Co-founders and CEOs in the commercial construction industry in Australia, I’m mindful of my leadership role and ensuring a career path for females to follow.

Pia Turcinov Profile Photo 250x250 copy

Pia Turcinov

Co-founder & Director

"In many ways our Build in Common mantra of "making it happen" lies at the heart of my personal journey. Often it is simple knowing where to start!"

Hello! Like Justine, my career has been one of constant discovery and self-development - that's what makes us such great business partners. I have been in business for more than 25 years and along the way have learnt so much working in the private, public and not for profit sectors.

Since the early days of starting my life as a commercial lawyer in Sydney, I have thrived on embracing the exciting opportunities of being not only a professional advisor, but over the years also a company director, business manager and serial entrepreneur. Not to mention mother of 3 wonderful daughters!

Coming from a family where building and renovating were part of every day life, I got an early taste of the many different skills and trades it takes to create a dream home. One thing that always rang true was that the best ideas are worth nothing without good execution. Not to say the challenge of being able to communicate a great idea to others! Taking the steps to make it all happen can be tiring, challenging, but also oh so satisfying!

Outside of the building and renovation sector, I am passionate about collaboration and the power of global entrepreneurship. I hold the position of Chair of Women in Technology in Western Australia and sit on a number of University, Government and Industry boards and advisory panels, including the West Australian Land Information Authority.

It is my privilege to share the many lessons learned and my expertise as an innovation champion, mentor, facilitator, and public speaker on topics relating to diversity, STEM & future skills, disruption, and entrepreneurship. Add to this our Build in Common workshops and events, and there is no shortage of work to be done.

It is through this incredibly exciting portfolio of activities that I have the opportunity to champion change and enable others in making their aspirations a reality. Like with most things in life, it is often simply knowing where to start!

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