Think of our Toolkits as your personal project manager giving you control over your renovation or build. As the name Toolkit suggests, we have created a practical and easy to use resource designed to help you plan, manage and keep track of your project from start to finish.

We have four different Toolkits on offer. Choose between a:

  1. KITCHEN Renovation Toolkit - to either upgrade or rebuild your kitchen.
  2. BATHROOM & LAUNDRY Renovation Toolkit - ideal when renovating wet areas.
  3. HOME EXTENSION Toolkit - for extensive renovations, either up or out.
  4. NEW BUILD Toolkit - for a new completely new home.

So glad you asked because we are pretty excited about this product! We help you take the first step by having created a guided process of taking all your ideas, hopes and wishes for your home renovation or building project, and capturing these into a simple but powerful Digital Project Brief.

Once you purchase this product you will be given access to your very own private account, to then create your Digital Project Brief. You will have 30 days to edit the document, play with it and refine the brief. Once finalised you download it as a pdf document, ready to share and send out to builders, designers, architects or specialist trades you are looking to engage.  Just like a tender document, it will set out your expectations and non-negotiables for your project.

Our Toolkits have been designed to guide you from the very beginning when you decide you would like to renovate or build, through to the design considerations, budgeting processes, understanding what will happen when it comes to the actual building, who will do what and when, engaging contractors and professionals, right through to the final handover.

We have broken down the building process into 8 easy to follow steps (chapters). Each chapter contains lots of information with all the important questions you need to ask yourself and the professionals. 

Select from our range of Kitchen, Bathroom & Laundry, Home Extension or New Build and Toolkits. Every Toolkit is filled with 80+ pages of specific questions to ask of your suppliers, trades professionals and builder, practical how-to information, build cycle sequencing and tips, tricks and jargon busters. The Toolkits also include checklists, forms, visuals, hints and tips, and lots more to help you from start to finish.

Functionally designed, your Toolkit is a practical project management folder and includes a bundle of add-on resources so you can manage all your paperwork including notes, business cards, plans, designs, drawings, quotes and all those bits and pieces you will need as you plan, research and manage your project.

So, how much will our Digital Project Briefs and Toolkits cost you? 

  • Digital Project Brief $19.95
  • Kitchen Renovation Toolkit $149.-
  • Bathroom & Laundry Renovation Toolkit $149.-
  • Home Extension Toolkit $249.-
  • New Build Toolkit $299.-

GST is already included in these costs. Shipping costs are added to Toolkit purchases depending on where you live in Australia. On average you can expect to pay approximately $14.95 for postage and handling.

Instead of spending hours searching through the internet for information or signing up for an online course that can be lengthy or drip-feed you information over weeks and months, we’ve done all the hard work for you.

Simply open up your Toolkit and everything you’ll need to know is there ready to use as and when YOU need it. No more forgetting that crucial question or neglecting to take important notes! Take it with you when you are product hunting or meeting with your trades or builder on-site. It’s that easy!

Great question! Our Toolkits are distinctly different and powerful as not only are you given information, we give you all the RIGHT questions to ask yourself and others for your project at the right stage of the project.

Just like with a major commercial construction project, this process means that you are in control from the start, you remain well informed and that your expectations are being met.  You will have all the information and guidelines upfront ready from the moment your Toolkit arrives. 

As we say at Build In Common: Ask More. Know More. Build More.

No, it doesn't matter if you live in NSW, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia, the Northern Territory or Queensland. Our Toolkits are specifically created to be used anywhere throughout Australia.

The content focuses on what you need to ask as you plan, manage and work through the design, construction and handover phases, helping anyone create their dream project. Don’t worry, we have also made sure to include useful links and resources if you need more State-specific information. Buy online and have your Toolkit delivered directly to your front door.


Definitely! In fact, many customers buy a Toolkit just as their ideas for renovating or building are starting to take shape.  This has allowed them to be well prepared and informed when they were ready to press the green light on their project, and save time, money and headaches. As the saying goes “failing to plan is planning to fail”. Knowledge is key! 

As the first step we recommend you start of with a Digital Project Brief and then move on to the right Toolkit for your project.

Yes, your chosen Toolkit will be delivered anywhere in Australia, whether you live in a metropolitan, regional or remote area. Our preferred carrier is Sendle, which means your Toolkit will be delivered right to your doorstep and you can track your shipment from the moment you place your order.

Yes, definitely. In fact, we encourage people who already have chosen a builder or their trades to use the Toolkit as an invaluable resource. Regardless of how wonderful your building team is, the Toolkit empowers you to know and control your project, without having to continually guess or make assumptions. It's also a great way to double-check you haven't missed something important. 

Actually, some of our customers are builders who use our Toolkits to give to their clients as a value-adding resource!

We have spoken and worked with many a builder, and the good ones will thank you for doing your homework upfront. Our Toolkits enables you to calibrate your expectations about the entire process and gives you important insights into how the small decisions along the way, can have a big impact on the final outcome (and cost!) 

Although we all learn through experience, let's be honest; builders and trades are there to build and get stuff done, not educate and teach us about how or why. That's why so many industry professionals we know LOVE our clients who use the Toolkits.

Absolutely. We love that people will be using referrals from friends and supporting our industry but you should also be informed and know exactly what will happen, when, how and why on your project. Our Toolkits provide you with unbiased information, and may well save that important friendship along the way! 

No, we have also created Toolkits for New Build Homes and more substantial Extensions. New Build Toolkits are for building a completely brand-new home and can be used whether you have a land and home package or demolishing and building new.

Our Extension Toolkits have been created for those who are extending their current abode either upwards and/or outwards.

Knowing how to get that idea out of your head and explain it to the experts can be a difficult, lengthy and costly task. Unfortunately, we hear all too often that someone's expectation or vision for what the final outcome should look like, are not being met. Sometimes customers feel that they are not even on the same page as their designers and architects.

We made sure to address this in detail in the first chapter in our Toolkits - Creating Your Project Brief. We guide you through how to articulate your vision and explain exactly what you are after, so that right from the beginning your design and construction team are all on the same page and working towards the same goal. At the end of the first phase, you will have a well-documented Project Brief ready to use to seek quotes, engage with the professionals and allow you to compare estimates. As one customer told us: “The Project Brief became our bible”.

Please note that we do not provide individual project consulting services, and do not offer building services. But we are here to support you as you navigate your project!

As we are in the digital era, we have created our free monthly e-magazine TILT which provides our customers and community with insights into important trends, industry updates, hints, information and tips and advice from industry experts. Sign up and your TILT magazine gets delivered into your Inbox every month.

We sure do. We’ve created a Home Extension Toolkit for people like yourself who are looking at expanding or creating more space whether that be outwards or upwards.

If your plan is to upgrade your kitchen, bathroom or laundry areas as part of your extension, there is no need to also buy the Kitchen Renovation or the Bathroom & Laundry Toolkit.  Our Home Extension Toolkit covers these areas as well, so we’ve got you covered.

We created the Bathroom Toolkit as this room is one of the most common areas of a household to be renovated and we wanted to ensure you actually end up with that bathroom you are dreaming of. Believe it or not, a bathroom renovation can actually be a tricky project that uses most trades and if not done correctly can be very costly!

Waterproofing and planning your wet areas are some of the most common frustrations when it comes to renovations and home building, so best to go in with your eyes wide open.

As the founders of Build In Common, we wrote each of the Toolkits, using our extensive construction industry backgrounds and firsthand consumer experiences gained over many, many years.

We have not only run a large scale construction company but have also built and renovated properties both overseas and around Australia. So we truly do understand firsthand the headaches, challenges and issues that come with any building project. We have also dipped into our amazing network of building experts, trades and suppliers to ensure the information in the Toolkits is correct and relevant to current building and renovation practices.