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Don’t do this! Three bathroom mistakes I made.

Even though I’m one of the founders and former CEO of my commercial construction company Rodine Australia, I am still learning throughout our builds and projects.

I thought I’d share 3 errors I made when we renovated our family bathrooms some years back, and hopefully, you’ll learn from my mistakes.

To give you a bit of the backend story, we purchased a 1970’s 4-bedroom x 2-bathroom house that we completely gutted and renovated all rooms.

At the time our children were both in primary school, so one of the bathrooms was the children’s and the other was our ensuite. We didn’t change the layout of the bathrooms which meant we used existing plumbing lines, so it wasn’t too complicated in a building sense but was more about an update and refurbishment.


Mistake No 1: The Tile Selection

I chose tiles that I felt aligned with the look and colour scheme of our bathroom vision. What I didn’t pay enough attention to is the slipperiness of the tile when wet.

The tiles I picked looked wonderful but when you have two little children getting in and out of baths or showers, they invariably don’t stay on or even use, the bathmat.

As you can imagine water goes everywhere and it turned out the tiles became very slippery when wet and this was at times quite problematic and scary. So, choose your tiles carefully and pay attention to the slip factor.



Mistake No 2: Mirrors & Lighting

I didn’t pay enough attention to how I would use the mirrors in our ensuite and therefore didn’t get the lighting right.

I had large windows that provided a lot of natural light, which was wonderful during the day but not so beneficial in the evenings.

I found that when I was applying make-up in the evenings, the lighting layout wasn’t ideal or in the correct location in helping me make sure I had the right ratio of foundation, eyeshadow or lipstick before I went out. Let’s just say that sometimes I’m sure I scared people with my clown face when I left home.

So, think about the placement of lighting and pay attention to how you’re going to use the mirrors to ensure you have the correct lighting needed, particularly for early in the morning or in the evening.


Mistake No 3: Basins

When I chose the basins for the bathrooms, because I was buying both together, I ended up with a better price which swayed my decision. I probably didn’t consider that the basin I chose for the ensuite may not have been the best or suitable for two children to use.

The style I chose had a shallow curved basin, which looked great and for adults was not an issue in keeping water spray to a minimum, soap going everywhere or toothpaste making its way on the walls.

The children however somehow managed to achieve this on a daily basis!



So, consider carefully who will be using the basins and what style is the best fit for the intended user – not just what looks great.

I hope these 3 tips help you with your bathroom renovation or build.

Happy building!