Woman with kids load clothes in washing machine. Mother and children putting laundry into washing machine at home.

Simple Storage Ideas To Declutter Your Laundry

Who’s walked into someone’s house and admired a laundry that is wonderfully organised where everything is in its place? Or looked at an Instagram image and sighed with longing? If only your laundry area could be so neat, tidy and organised!

No one really enjoys doing laundry, but why make it more taxing when you’re having to not only sort out the colours from the whites but also desperately need to declutter so you can find the washing machine.

Or is that just my house?!

5 small storage ideas to consider in your laundry renovation or build

  1. Storage baskets are a great way to organise the items in your room. There’s such a wide selection available now from colours, materials and sizes. They can then be lined up on shelves, bookcases, or even storage cubbies as a way to be organized. Another good idea is to label them so that you can find what you need easily.
  2. If you have the room, think about some deep under bench drawers to use not only as a storage space but also for dirty washing. It’s a great way to get rid of that pesky laundry basket that just takes up room and is easy for kids, the elderly or anyone with a bad back to hide away and access dirty laundry.
  3. Hooks can be really helpful around the laundry room for all sorts of organisational and storage needs, as the place for hang-drying clothes, hats, bags or towels and robes. There’s such a wonderful selection of hooks to obtain, from country rustic, recycled materials to shiny trendy metal. They are a quick and easy way to make a statement as well as getting a room decluttered.
  4. Shelving is a wonderful way of utilising overheard or vertical space for storage and organisation. There are many options available to which you can DIY or if not sure on your skill with a hammer, get your local tradesperson to install. Shelving is a great way to elevate laundry items to eye height, which makes it easier to find and quicker access as within reach.
  5. Don’t forget the ceiling. I know it may sound unconventional, but if space is an issue, think about installing a pull-down drying rack or even hanging a ladder from the ceiling to air dry clothes. Just check out Pinterest for some great ideas.

Here’s to less laundry time and more fund time. Happy building!