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Intellectual Property

Building contracts basics: Part 2

This series of articles is aimed at explaining some of the basics about how building contracts work, and some of the choices you will need to make when entering into a building contract, and how those choices affect what will happen on your build. This is the second in our series and looks at how…

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Tilting the balance: Welcome to our new eMag

Welcome to our new look e-magazine! If you have been following our journey since we launched in late 2017 you will have heard us speak about our passion for change, empowerment and engagement in an industry that is very traditional, technical and all too often lacks a consumer centric approach. Enter “TILT”. Our vision is…

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The risk of using plans without permission

In the recent case of Milankov Designs & Project Management v Di Latte, the WA Supreme Court ordered 2 home owners and an architect they engaged to pay a designer almost $160,000 in damages for the unauthorised use of house plans. Mr and Mrs Di Latte engaged Milankov Designs & Project Management to design and…

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