Pia Turcinov & Justine Teggelove, Co-Founders of Build in Common

Our Why?

We grew tired of hearing the stories from people whose experiences of building their dream project was an absolute nightmare that left them frustrated, stressed, disappointed and out of pocket. We thought enough is enough!

So we decided to deconstruct the renovation and construction process and empower you as the customer to have control of your project and get the result you are looking for regardless of age, gender, background or experience with building or renovating. We want you to be informed, in control and confident from start to finish.

We want you to think of yourself as the Boss Client. After all, it's your money, your time, your property!

Our Story

We’ve walked the walk and talked the talk as founders and creators, bringing technical, practical and honest industry insights, building and renovating experience into the mix.

Justine Teggelove is the co-founder and former CEO of Rodine Australia, a commercial construction company with a national portfolio. She is one of only a handful of women in Australia to have held an executive position in commercial construction. Justine brings industry know-how and incredible experience to our Toolkits. 

Pia Turcinov grew up in a family where building and renovating were part of everyday life and knows first-hand the frustrations and challenges that come with any building and reno project. Pia is also a commercial lawyer having practiced in real estate and contract law in the past so she knows what to look out for and mistakes to avoid.

If you want to renovate or develop a property, and you are a newbie these toolkits will help you to be an informed and confident Project Manager. I would be very happy to work with clients using the Build in Common Toolkits; there are definitive benefits for all parties.

Linda, Builder WA

Thank you Build In Common for helping to smooth the way with my recent kitchen renovation. This was my first renovation, and as a single mum I was feeling completely out of my depth, despite months of research. I had arrived at what I thought was my final design brief, that was until I read your checklist and realised I had missed some really important considerations! Once that was adjusted, and I had completed my negotiations with my kitchen design company, I was able to again use your toolkit to make sure the contract I was signing was comprehensive and included everything it should. The installation was a success!

Kim, Teacher & Mum, New South Wales

From beginners to builders, the Build in Common Toolkit has helped us gain the confidence to build our dream home. Before laying our hands on the guide we were procrastinating and unsure of what steps, questions or options we should explore. This simple to use project toolkit removed any ambiguity and gave us a logical framework to follow step by step with our builders saving us valuable time and money.

Rachel & Cam, Married and parents to 3 young children, Victoria

It’s a bargain. Just one thing learnt will save you hundreds.

Building Project Manager, NSW – HIA Home Show Sydney

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