2021 TILT Edition #3 out now

When we think of building, we tend to think of what will go above the ground on a plot of land. How many people consider what is below when contemplating their build?

In this edition, we look at what lies beneath and why knowing this is so important for your project. We explore the ins and outs of what a Geotechnical Report is all about, and importantly, why you need to know.

Stepping inside the home, you will recall that in 2020 we interviewed Lauren as we followed her kitchen renovation journey. We had an opportunity to chat with her recently and have Part II of her renovation story with a look at the end result. Let’s just say the new kitchen gave us kitchen envy. It’s fantastic!

That led us to looking at 5 Specialist Trades you can’t do without and the legal reasons why. Get your notepad ready!

But importantly remember, it is a journey, and with Easter already on our doorstep (eek), we hope you and your families are faring well in 2021.

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