Supercharge your kitchen

Being one of the founders of 2 companies in the construction arena Build In Common and Rodine Australia,I’m am often asked questions about building and renovating, including any “hot tips” I am able to share when it comes to domestic building. Recently I was asked about what to consider when it comes to kitchen projects.

So, I thought I’d share 3 small (but mighty) tips you may wish to consider for your renovation or build that will make life a little easier down the track.


Combine & Power up

Now if your household is anything like mine, our kitchen bench and island is not only used as a food preparation area, meal server, eating station, work station, social meeting point, but also the dumping ground of all our devices that require charging.

With our life now infused with 24hr technology and most devices being USB compatible, I always suggest installing one or more combined USB General Power Outlets or as your electrician may refer to them as –  GPO’s.


Clipsal Iconic Double PowerPoint with Dual USB Charger


Think of it as a two for one scenario.

The new ranges of power points allow you to combine multiple powerpoints with one or more USB charging ports.

The ones pictured are from the Clipsal by Schneider Electric range.







Clipsal Pro Twin PowerPoint




These are available in various combinations, including single PowerPoint with double USB ports, or double PowerPoints with only one USB port.














Allow yourself freedom in the kitchen by making sure you have a combination of options available for you to use.








Sometimes more is better

As great as it that you may have combined outlets in your kitchen, there’s nothing more frustrating than when you have plugged your phone in with only 2% charge remaining, or you are busily working away on your laptop when someone comes into the kitchen and unplugs your device so they can charge their own, boil the kettle or make toast. 

I know you’ll be nodding your head with me on this scenario. That’s why I suggest taking the plunge while you are planning and install more outlets if possible. You’ll thank me! 

Remember to think not only about wall outlets but also on / under / and to the side of your island bench.



As an alternative, there are also some pretty cool pop-up sockets available on the market.


Pop-up sockets are a great way to bring functional power outlets closer to where you need them without creating a visual overload.

Think of these as “plug and play” when needed.



Height does matter 

Now I have to put a disclaimer in here and say that my family and I are of the taller variety, so for many people, my next tip may not be of any benefit. For those of us who were put in the backline of school photos (you know who you are) you may want to consider (and if able) to have your bench height slighter higher than the standard which is 900mm.

It’s amazing how those extra millimeters make standing at your kitchen bench preparing food just that little more comfortable. Your back will thank you for it!



If you want to know more about kitchen renovations take a look at our Kitchen Renovation Toolkit. It gives you everything you need to know, step-by-step from concept, design, comparing quotes, budgeting, the build process, right through to handover.

Enjoy building your dream kitchen!