Smart home tech trends for your home

Have you heard about this year’s CES?

It’s the annual Consumer Electronics Show held every year in January in Las Vegas. This is definitely a “geekfest” and attracts technology lovers from all over the world. Now COVID did most certainly throw a spanner in the works this year, but it did not stop the event from going ahead, even if in a virtual format.

CES is THE annual show where all the big consumer brands unveil their latest designs and innovations. Products that usually find their way into our homes and offices – some sooner than later.  Product categories on show range from fridges, TVs and home appliances, right through to some pretty serious cutting edge technologies involving quantum computing, cybersecurity and 3D Printing.

Now even if you don’t think of yourself as a techie, you may want to know about a few of the key trends and products unveiled at this year’s event, that may pop up in your home in the future.



You can spend hours taking a look at all the product categories, but here are three of my WOW that’s pretty cool picks:

LG InstaView Refrigerator 

LG InstaView Fridge (image source LG Appliances)



This year LG unveiled the latest version of its InstaView fridge, part of a series already available in Australia. You may have seen this fridge with a cool glass window on the door that lights up to reveal the inside of the fridge when you knock on it.

This newest model now has the added feature of doors that open via voice command!

The fridge is also equipped with a speaker and a microphone, allowing you to ask for updates on things like the status of your water filter.






The fridge includes a water dispenser – nothing amazing in itself – but this latest model also uses a UV light to sanitize your water, apparently killing off 99.99% of bacteria. Now the only question will be “how much” will this fridge set you back? Prices have not been announced yet.


Samsung Bot Handy


Screenshot by Sarah Tew/CNET


A robotic kitchen assistant that will take the stress out of cleaning up. Well, at some point in the future anyway.

This is still in the prototyping phase but apparently, the Samsung Bot Handy can already stack the dishwasher or pour a bottle of wine!





Basically think of this robot as your personal assistant around the house. Need something moved around? Clean up a spill? No problem. And the most exciting part – this Bot won’t talk back or tell you it’s tired after a long day at work. And when you are done you can simply turn it off and put it in a cupboard. Love it!


MyQ Pet Portal: A SMART pet door that opens on command

Even our furry darlings are getting access to some pretty high tech luxuries by the look of it. How about a smart doggy (or cat) door that you can retrofit into existing doors, and allows your best friend to enter and exit on demand? It is a complete system that uses 2way HD cameras and sensors that let your pets in and out as needed via a custom collar system.



This technology has been developed by MyQ who have made their mark overseas with smart garage products. You are able to control the MyQ Pet Door remotely via an app, which includes live video streaming and two-way audio. I can think of a couple of friends who would LOVE this device!

Think of it as an elevator door – opening and closing on demand, with safety sensors so there are no mishaps with pets getting stuck. Oh, and the app also gives you daily reports so you can see how often (or not) fuzzball actually roamed around outside. This product can currently be pre-ordered via 

There are so many more cool SMART Home tech innovations coming our way. Stay tuned, I’m sure I will unearth a few more to share with you.