We recently welcomed Aleeshya to the Build In Common team in a Partnerships & Marketing role, so we thought we’d share a little about her. We’ve loved having her on board and her bright, bubbly smile and personality have definitely been contagious!

Your name is Aleeshya but do you have a nickname?

Yes. Most people call me ‘Al’ or ‘Alee’.

What’s your favourite dish?

Well, I’m not too sure if it’s considered a dish as such, but I love chocolate cake!


What gives you a buzz about building or renovating?

The ideas and designing process. I love anything dynamic and creative, so I get super excited by the amount of options there are and being able to mix and match until you get the “perfect” combo of ideas for the final design!

What’s your favourite colour?

Green. Or yellow. Maybe orange. It’s too hard to choose one!

What’s been the best part of working at Build In Common?

The favourite part of working at BIC for me is being able to be completely creative with no restraints – that’s the joy of social media! It’s helped me think more ‘out of the box’ and not just for Build In Common, but in everyday life also. It’s been an absolute joy…and lots of fun.



With COVID affecting our holidays and escapes, what would be your ideal destination if you were able to go?

My ideal destination would be anywhere hot, sunny and tropical!

COVID has been challenging for us all on so many different levels. What have you learnt about yourself during these times?

I’ve learnt to love my own company! Prior to ISO I was notorious for never being able to do things alone, and I always had to have plans with someone. Now, I can finally appreciate the meaning of “me time”.


Founders of Build In Common Justine & Pia
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