I hope that everyone is staying strong during these crazy times of 2020. With a lot of us being stuck inside our 4 walls, it makes you start to think more about what changes and renovation can be done, which a lot of the time starts with the bathroom.

In this edition I want to go through the process of a bathroom renovation from the builder perspective and key points that we look at, then you will know why we do what we do.

A bathroom renovation is a lot like a chocolate cake simple in theory, yet if one process is not correct the outcome is messy.

When you first walk into a bathroom all may seem usable yet in need of a freshen up or a new look. Though behind the mission brown tiles could lay unknown water leaks, rotten timber, electrical wiring that was questionable in 1970, the list is endless what the wall can hide.

Key Builder Points

1. Planning is our first major step ensuring that both parties are on the same page not only with the floor plan layout but also fixture, fittings, and color schemes. Getting a solid agreement on planning will help cement a maintainable budget for the project because at the end of the day this is how your builder makes a living and puts food on the table. So ensuring both parties are agreed and happy is a golden key item.

2. Like all things in construction correct trade selection is key.  Ensuring that all trades that the builder selects to complete works on your behalf must be competent in their profession, have experience in the selected works, and can supply the correct and relevant certificates.

3. Once that the trades have been selected, ensuring that the following steps are completed correctly is the main key point of the entire renovation.

4. Now the real fun begins, tools and work on-site begins! Demolition or removing what’s not staying in the bathroom so we can have the shell to begin the re-build or renovation.

5. After demolition is completed having the ‘’in-wall trades’’ begins. Plumbing & electrical install their rough-in but it doesn’t stop with just the walls. It may also include the floors. If you’re having in-floor heating or need a screed install, this should also be considered. After they’ve completed their works, checking the location and heights of the works is a vital point the builder pays attention to as once that wall is closed up, making a change is the same as starting again!

6. So, we’ve ticked off all in-wall (and floor) items and are happy to proceed. The plasterers now come in and do their magic and then we get ready for waterproofing. This can be done by the tiler or a waterproofing contractor.


Out of all the stages, this is hands down the Gold, Silver, and Bronze key. Without waterproofing our cake has just turned upside down and is now all over the floor. Not only is getting a correct waterproof to complete the job, high on our list, but also ensuring that they can supply a Certificate of Warranty. This document provides peace of mind, quality assurance of workmanship, and insurance for an unforeseen circumstance in the future.


7. Tick, Tick – we are now more watertight than the Titanic and it is the tilers turn to complete their items. As mentioned, some tilers may also complete the waterproofing. The benefit of having a tiler that will not only tile but waterproof, grout, and caulk will help ensure that they will give a quality job from start to finish. The tiler is the main finishing trade of this project so they can make you and the client say WOW then the rest of the project will follow. Again, a Certificate of Warranty is to be provided.

8. Once tiling is completed the bathroom will have taken a whole new dimension. From here we now start installing the items that will help complement and complete the entire renovation. Such as having the correct tapware, towel holders heated or standard, ceiling/wall paint colors, a vanity that blends with the tile (not just a Bunnings white because it worked). All of these things are exciting as it will make everything that you have worked hard completing ‘pop’. The builder is always keeping in mind what the client wants and expects because at the end of it all it is their bathroom and will reflect their tastes, we as the builder are just there to bring it to fruition!

9. IT IS DONE!  Well almost, not only giving the client a 10/10 product and service; it’s also important to supply electrical certificates, all warranties for waterproofing and appliances. This gives peace of mind that if the unfortunate does happen, you can be there to help.



I hope this helps you if you’re thinking about renovating your bathroom and gives you builder insights as to why we do what we do, and the importance of when we do it.


Our Guest Contributor:


Thank you to Nic May from May Building Contractors for sharing his insights when it comes to all things decking.

With 14 years in the domestic and commercial building industry, M.B.S specializes in deck’s, pergolas, frame, and anything building-related. All you need is to ask!

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