Renovating? Building? Dreaming of a fresh look? So, where do you start? The answer lies in a well-thought-out and clearly defined Project Brief.

The way these projects often start can often look something like this:

  • You decide you need or want a new kitchen, bathroom, laundry, extension etc. 😄
  • You start googling to find a local “expert”. 🤔
  • Friends, family, and frankly, anyone that will listen, are asked for referrals and advice. 😳
  • You start making some calls and speaking to trades or builders. 😯
  • All too quickly you get bogged down in the detail of what is it you are after; how much do you want to spend and all the other details. 🤯
  • The result is often that you make decisions on the run and your levels of confusion, frustration and anxiety increase exponentially! 😰

You find yourself thinking this is all just too hard!

💡 A new way of thinking with you in control…

So, what would it look like if you had all the answers to their questions ready to go and from the very first time you picked up the phone or send that email inquiry, new exactly what it was you were after?

Renovation and extension projects can be lengthy processes. Throughout the project, you will need to be clear, consistent, and precise to avoid others misinterpreting your instructions or design wishes, or giving you perhaps well-meaning, but ill-conceived advice.

Unless you can explain what it is you are trying to achieve, how can you expect others to deliver you a final product that matches your expectations? To do this, you will need to ask yourself (and others who will be using the property) some serious questions. If you don’t get this clear in your own mind and don’t capture your vision and goals in a clear way before you start, you run the risk of mistakes being made and misunderstandings happening – all this can cost you serious time, money and frustration!


We have reimagined how the process should really work, and it looks like this: CONTROL + CERTAINTY + CLEAR OUTCOMES


This digital Project Brief is a must-have template and starting point to get your ideas on paper. This Project Brief template will guide you through the process of taking your ideas for your home renovation or building project and capture these into a powerful Project Brief for you to share with your builder, building designer, architect or specialist trades.

Our Project Brief is the ideal starting point if you are thinking about:

  • Renovating your kitchen
  • Updating your bathroom or laundry
  • Extending your current home up or out
  • Building a new home



This is a digital product. Once purchased, you will be redirected to log in and create your own account. This will allow you to:

  • Complete the online Project Brief template to capture your ideas, project goals, and overall vision you have for your project.
  • Save a draft and revisit the template for up to 4 weeks to complete your Project Brief.
  • Once complete you will be able to save your very own personalised Digital Project Brief.  You can then PRINT and/or EMAIL your Project Brief to builders, architects, designers, or building professionals to invite quotes and advice needed to get your project started.
  • Keep yourself and your builder, architect, designer, and tradespeople on track with your very own project brief.


Get started today and get those grand ideas on paper, before you pick up the phone or send that email about a quote. After all, the first question any building professional will ask you is….”What is it you would like me to do for you?”


Click here to access a copy of our Digital Project Brief to get you started.