With restrictions around the globe and within our own country slowly being lifted, it makes you think what our new way of life will be like and what it will look like.

Will we go back to normal? What does normal look like? What have we learnt and more importantly what will we apply? These are all difficult questions to answer and guessing only time will tell what the answers will be.

What we have found is that with people being indoors, homebound and isolating, has provided an unprecedented opportunity to have unfinished projects completed or commence new projects. You only have to take a drive to your local Bunnings to see this in action.

Whilst this is fantastic that projects that have probably been on a list for some time are now being ticked off, we need to ensure that we do our due diligence to ensure our projects are done safely and legally.

This edition of TILT we look into the terrible silent killer asbestos, with www.reflections.org.au sharing some insights and where to get help.

We also explore the second part of our Building Contracts series looking at how the building contract deals with the scope of works and design of the building.

Often something that gets missed or overlooked are trade licenses. We look into what they are and why they are important if you’re engaging contractors.

As we slowly emerge from our houses and back into life, enjoy reconnecting with family and friends and we look forward to whatever the new landscape looks like.


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May 2020 Edition