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Working from home is one thing but working from home while the rest of the family is also at home, is a completely different matter. If nothing else, it tends to be messy! It seems the dishwasher is never empty, the kitchen bench is always cluttered and why does it seem that the house needs vacuuming every day? So perhaps at times, the home office feels like a welcome sanctuary and retreat? How does your home office measure up when it comes to lighting, ventilation, noise reduction and power access?

That’s if you are lucky enough to be able to carve out a room to dedicate as a work-only zone. If not, then like many, perhaps a shared kitchen table or playing paper, scissors, rocks as to who gets to use the “nice desk” sounds more like your place?

But where many of us see adversity, others find opportunity. This month we feature a brand-new product that found its genesis in the shared frustration of the current COVID-19 situation. Read the story of Sarah Ryding and her brilliant idea for the Puzzle Desk! After Coronavirus shut down her booming shopfitting business i4 Design & Construction, leaving her 100 shop fitting and factory employees out of work, she was at a true loss. After a period of grieving, she turned to the one thing she does best – designing fit for purpose and practical furniture! Add a healthy dose of an amazing collaboration with Norsu Interiors and within the blink of an eye, the Puzzle Desk has hit the market – all while both business owners still remained isolated in their own homes.

It is not a stretch to see how from a home design perspective this current health crisis will profoundly shape the way we think about shared living zones, work areas and study nooks. Real estate agents take note; no longer will it be good enough to describe that small area under the staircase or the 1.5m2 outside the bedroom door, as counting as a “home office”. Our attitudes towards flexible work and working from home have leapfrogged a decade over the past 6 weeks and the notion of a fit-for-purpose home office design is here to stay.

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