As we head into a period of self-isolation and social interactions, it’s hard not to be overwhelmed by all the negative news stories and health concerns facing many families. Added to this are the huge economic impact and repercussions on how we continue to offer services and products. If you are in the middle of a renovation or building project you may be facing your own challenges and problems.

Many will face substantial delays and disruptions in the delivery of works by suppliers, builders and trades. The closure of international borders and especially manufacturing in China is already impacting on supply chains and we are hearing about short supply stock for some items such as piping and windows, in certain areas. Worst case scenario is that non-essential businesses are ordered to temporarily close which means that no trades will be able to work or visit your home.

On the flip side, if you are in the early stages of planning a new build or renovation project it’s great to see many businesses offering virtual and remote services and consultations. We are seeing some very creative ways of keeping communication and service lines open.

The use of digital planners and design tools is another great way to keep your reno or build project moving forward. Take a look at our online blog page to learn about some easy to use technologies to help you design and plan.


Here at Build in Common, we are also busy bringing our new product offering for a Digital Project Brief online and are looking to launch this over coming weeks.




To get you started, this month we have included some background as to WHY
a Project Brief is so important, regardless of the size or budget of a reno or build.





We thought that given all the news around toilet paper, we’d also step you through some toilet facts, showcase the things you need to know before planning to buy a new toilet and demystify the good old bidet. Should you use one and what are your options?

As our daily routine is turned on its head and we traverse unchartered waters, please remember to keep safe, stay healthy and remember to find the positive in each and every day. Because as our grandmother used to say, “this too shall pass”.

Take care out there,

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March 2020 Edition