I can’t stress enough the importance in investing time and effort upfront to get your project brief right and as clear as possible BEFORE you even start talking to your designer, architect, builder or trades! Do you know what a project brief is and why it’s so important? Take a quick look here to come up to speed. Otherwise, keep reading.


Here are 7 good reasons why you need a project brief:


1. Having a concise and yet thorough Project Brief with as much detail as possible will ensure that all involved are working towards the same vision.

2. A good Project Brief ensure that you are not reliant on the tradesperson/builder/architect/designer asking you the right questions.  They don’t know what’s inside your head and may not have the time, bandwidth or interest in digging too deep. The information they obtain will only be gathered by the questions they ask, so you are betting the success of your project on how well they ask and how ready you have clear and tangible answers.

3. A Project Brief calibrates expectations for everyone from start to finish ensuring you are well prepared from the first moment you pick up the phone or walk into a showroom.

4. Building professionals tend to view projects and work through their own specific industry lenses. A good Project Brief will mitigate confusion and avoid misinterpretation.

5. You can use the Project Brief as an invaluable tool to obtain competitive pricing seeking multiple quotes on the same parameters.  Using one document will mitigate variations (where possible) and prevent random interpretations of your instructions.

6. The Project Brief will ensure that when you receive competitive quotes, you are comparing like with like and not apples and oranges, as everyone will be pricing of the same detailed brief.

7. Far more than just getting you started, the Project Brief is also a powerful working document to refer back to, reference and keep yourself in check as you progress your reno or build.


I hope this simple exercise gave you a better understanding of the importance of a detailed and clear Project Brief and how having it right at the beginning is so vital.

Remember – the key ingredient is asking the right questions!

Written by Justine Teggelove, Co-Founder of Build in Common,
Director, co-founder and previous CEO of Rodine Australia,
a commercial construction company with a national portfolio