Well, hello there!

How have you been? It’s been a tough few months, hasn’t it? Recent global events are proof that while we often like to think that we live in a fairly ordered word which we control, the truth is a little more complex. Hot on the heels of a horrendous bushfire experience and challenging drought conditions, we now have had a new word sneak into our vocabulary – COVID-2019.

While initially, the spread of the Corona Virus may have generated some interesting dinner table conversations and debates about safe holiday destinations, as we start to hear more and more language around a global pandemic, the reach and impacts of this health crisis are taking on a far more significant and wide-reaching meaning.

So what do you need to think about if you are in the middle of or about to kick off your renovation or building project? How could this impact you? The short answer is, probably not at all. But the challenge that this situation creates is the impact on logistics and supply chains. Where are you at with your delivery of building materials and products?

As most of us realise the construction industry in Australia relies heavily on the supply of materials from China. With the closure of more and more ports and airports in China, this means the number of materials and products not being shipped is increasing by the day. Think steel, pipes, fittings, doors, window frames, skylights, glass, tiles, wallpaper, whitegoods…and the list goes on.

So now is the time to pick up the phone to your builder, foreman or tradesperson and ask them if they are anticipating any delays in deliveries. Best to know in advance for example if those beautiful tiles you have on order are going to be delayed by 4-6 weeks so that you can adjust the rest of your build schedule.

We really do hope that you won’t feel the impact, but as you know, knowledge is power…so don’t forget to ask!

Best of luck with your project and we hope you enjoy this month’s read.

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February 2020