Homes are a very personal reflection of ourselves and our family, and as a result, tend to evoke strong emotions – joy, pride, a sense of financial security, mental wellbeing as well as in some cases, fear and trepidation when it comes to renovating. You know how it goes – you have a vision for your house. A desire to renovate, build, to create your dream home. But you feel like you are going in blind, where do dream homes start? You feel bewildered.

There are so many choices, so many decisions. You feel stuck, not knowing where to start. You feel nervous about managing trades. Hesitant they’ll not respect you, they’ll talk over you, ‘man speak’. Butterflies form when you think of the what-ifs…you don’t want to waste precious dollars, you want to get it right, the first time.

At Build in Common we understand these challenges and aim to demystify and help you simplify the entire process by putting you firmly in control of the process from start to finish – financially, physically and mentally.

We also want you to surround yourself with people and professionals who have your back, which is why we have joined forces with Marissa Towndrow and her dynamic group of renovating mums.

Renovating Mums was formed because like us, Marissa believes you are capable of managing your own renovation and you know your family better than anyone. With the right knowledge, guidance, and a group of like-minded women for support and inspiration … You are capable of anything!


Renovating Mums is an online renovation hub creating a community of like-minded women, resources, recommended services and exclusive offers to empower you to create your dream home for your family.

From a closed Facebook community group of over 5,500 members all located in the greater Sydney region, you can bounce ideas with members and gain advice from trusted experts. Any time of day! You can also tap into a whole array of free resources and connect to trusted local trades and services.

The brainchild of Marissa Towndrow, Renovating Mums was born from the many nights of patting little babies to sleep, connecting with people online and trying to plan her home renovation. Marissa is an award-winning Landscape Architect & Project Manager. A serial home renovator that just cannot sit still. She is driven to empower women to feel confident in managing their home renovations. Her mission is informing, educating and building connections to create a community of women achieving their renovating dreams. No wonder we love working with Marissa and her unstoppable group of renovating mums!


Live in Sydney?

Love to save $$$ on your renovation to create your dream home?

Hard-earned dollars you could use to upgrade your fittings & fixtures, for family life, or maybe even a well-earned holiday at the end of your reno project?

Marissa recently launched the Renovating Mums VIP Membership, designed to help you boost your reno budget; with exclusive offers to members from trusted local suppliers.

Visit to find out more.


Thank you to our guest contributor and collaborator Marissa Towndrow, Founder of Renovating Mums.