We sat down with AJ, craftsman and owner of bespoke cabinet making company Anthony John’s Cabinets, to find out what his most commonly asked questions are.

When should you start planning your kitchen renovation?

Kitchen renovations always start as a bit of a dream, don’t they? It’s never to early to create a vision board or save ideas of things you like. I’d suggest you could start collecting quotes approximately 3-6 months before you are looking to start your renovation, keep in mind some trades have an expiry date on quotes (this may be due to external factors such as a supplier increasing their price of materials).

If you have a specific date you need the renovation completed by, it’s important to ask the trades how long they expect their area of the renovation to take and also their availability for when they can start. Remember it’s realistic to expect there to be some delays and setbacks in the project, so always allow at least a one week buffer.

How much does a ‘standard’ kitchen renovation cost?

There is no way to really provide a cost for a  ‘standard’ kitchen renovation as it depends on the craftsman, what they use as a standard product, the size of the kitchen and the expectations of the client.

It’s also important to consider is if the client is renovating a house to flip or is it their dream home? This will play a large factor in how much of an investment the client is willing to make in their kitchen.

The following renovation estimate costs are based on my decades of experience in the cabinet making industry.

An ‘entry-level’ kitchen, will typically include flat panel doors with soft-closing hardware and laminate benchtops. On average this would cost approximately $900-$1,000 per lineal metre. If you are having overhead cabinets, I tell clients to allow the same figure for the overheads and you should get a good indication of the cost. Also note, the number of drawers you have can make or break the budget.

A ‘mid-level’ kitchen should include a similar door panel, hardware and on average a 20/40mm stone top in a standard or premium range. It could be anywhere from $1,500-$1,700 per lineal metre. The number of drawers, overhead cabinets etc will all be additional costs.

‘Top-end’ kitchens can vary from $3,000-$7,000 per lineal metre depending on quality and detail. For example, instead of a freestanding dishwasher or fridge, ‘top-end’ kitchens usually integrate appliances by building them into the cabinetry.

You can’t compare a Holden to a Mercedes and this is the same concept. If you are looking for top of the range products, then your budget should reflect this.

What are the latest trends in cabinetry and kitchen renovations?

There are so many innovative trends in the market at the moment. Social media has played a huge role in exposing clients to these trends and has enabled people to be more daring and forward-thinking with their renovations.

One of the biggest trends we’re seeing at the moment is LED strip lighting under the overhead cabinets. It’s a great backlight at night and adds a feature that can take an average kitchen to the next level just by adding a little bit of a wow factor.

Stone splashbacks (continuing the stone top as the splashback) look great and are becoming more popular. Printed toughened glass splashbacks can add a beautiful bespoke touch to your kitchen.

We use Blum servo drive automated drawers and doors. Initially, clients think it’s a bit over the top and a bit of a gimmick until they see it working and test it in our showroom. Once their kitchen is installed, they wonder how they lived without it!

Calcutta stone, under-mount sinks, zip tap’s (boiling hot water unit) and electric doors and drawers are all trending items at the moment too.


Anthony John’s Cabinets

Any advice for cost-saving?

You can save some money by having laminate benchtops over engineered stone. Although if you get a standard range (entry-level) it may only be $1,000-$1,500 extra and at the end of the day, stone would be a better product.

You can also save on the type of hardware and the quantity of it, there are loads of options in the market that cater for all budgets.

If you are considering a flat pack kitchen, make sure you do your homework. You may be surprised about the cost of a cabinet maker compared to getting a kitchen off the shelf and then getting an ‘installer’ to do the job for you.

Flat packs have their place in the market but remember you will have to make the available products work within your space, rather than customising your kitchen to your needs.

How long will the renovation take?

There are a few factors that come into play; it will depend on the availability of products that the client has chosen, trades and scope of work to be completed.

Cabinetry for a ‘standard’ renovation with laminate benchtops should be finished in about a week. Tiling, painting, glass splashbacks, flooring, plumbing and electrical all come in stages. Realistically if everything is well organized it could be completed between 2-4 weeks.

If you are knocking out internal walls, brick pantry and wall ovens it is a completely different ballpark. You may need to get a builder involved if structural beams need to be put in the roof space and may have to submit plans to council for approval. This could push the reno out to anywhere from 6-12 weeks.


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