Welcome to a New Year and the start of a fresh decade!

Though it hasn’t been the usual celebratory and relaxing start that we usually enjoy, has it? The severity, scale and impact of the current bushfire crises have been overwhelming and extremely thought-provoking across a number of conversation topics. Wherever you go, everyone seems to have their own interpretation, opinion and ideas on what should come next. For those directly affected the coming months will no doubt be a very trying time, financially, mentally and physically, and our collective and continued help and goodwill remains paramount.

A lot has and will continue to be written about the costs of rebuilding homes, the challenge in many instances of underinsurance that will leave homeowners substantially out of pocket and how to include fire prevention materials and strategies when rebuilding properties.

Unfortunately, the scale of destruction will no doubt also impact the availability of trades, supplies and building materials, especially in more remote communities. We hope that cool and fair heads will prevail so that we don’t see unfair price hikes. Negotiation skills and patience will be much needed!

The new year also saw the government’s first home buyer scheme kick-off, with more than 3,000 applications already lodged. Another 7,000 spots are still to be filled under this national program. From 1 February a further 25 lenders will join CommBank and NAB as providers under this scheme. So, if you or someone you know is thinking of buying a first home, now is the time to check whether your bank or finance provider is one of them.

Thank you to Amanda Falahay from the Women in Property Network, and Leonie Akhidenor from View Bank Homes, for their contributions to this month’s edition. We hope you enjoy the selection of topics.

On a personal front, we are looking forward to a busy year, with a number of initiatives and new products underway. We will also be launching the first of our workshop series in March, so keep an eye out for further details. Until then, happy reading and renovating!

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January 2020