After a very long flight followed by a treacherous taxi ride, I arrive at the hotel ready to check-in. It’s 1:00 am, I rattle off my details to the receptionist and at this moment all I want to do is curl into a ball and sleep like for the next 48 hours. I make it to my room, open the door and collapse with an “ahh” of contentment on the bed.

Now you’re probably wondering what does all this have to do with Build In Common or building/renovating in general. I’ve found over years of many, many, many hotel visits, that there are clever ideas hotels have done in rooms that can be applied to our own bedrooms which can make life a little more comfortable, energy-saving and provide a sense of being on a mini-vacation.

When it comes to designing a bedroom, here are the top tips I’ve learnt:

Dual power points with USB outlets at bed level height next to bedside tables!

There’s nothing more annoying than having to get on your hands and knees to rummage around for the PowerPoint near the floor (or behind bedside tables) to connect everything. Most electrical devices nowadays use USB connections you can have multiple appliances charging, much simpler and easier.

Pendant lights instead of bedside tables on either side of the bed.

Don’t get me wrong, some bedside tables are stunning, but if you’re like me, you tend to knock everything off the tables and sometimes the lamp! I’ve found that with pendant lights I’m able to have more space to put things on the bedside tables (particularly if you’re charging devices). Plus I don’t break or knock anything off!

Sensory lighting for middle of the night visits to the bathroom.

This might seem like no big deal, but when you’re getting up in the pitch dark in a room you’re not familiar with, this little beacon of light is heaven. I recently stayed in a hotel that as soon as you put your feet on the carpet during the night, a small night light would come on at floor level which guided you to the bathroom where another small floor night light was lit. It’s the little things that matter!

Retractable television from the ceiling.

Even though I don’t spend a lot of time watching TV in hotel rooms, a retractable ceiling television (or projector) means that there is considerable space saving in the room, particularly in smaller cramped spaces. It also means that the television isn’t a focal point, adding to a sense of tranquillity and peacefulness. All great ingredients for a good nights sleep.

Central controls next to the bed!

There’s nothing more luxurious than being able to sit in bed and manage heating, cooling, lights, music, entertainment, windows and even the coffee machine. With modern technology being a way of life for us, the ability to control and manage our needs is now at our fingertips.

I hope these small tips might help you to achieve a bedroom that makes you feel you’re on holiday every day, wouldn’t that be nice!




Justine is the Co-founder and a Director of Build in Common.

She is also one of the Co-Founders of Rodine Australia and it’s former CEO. During her tenure as CEO, Justine was instrumental in transforming Rodine into a dynamic, innovative and fully-integrated construction company. This has been evident in the growth of Rodine since inception and the expansion of its publically listed clientele base.

The less obvious hallmarks of Rodine’s value – integrity, stability, and trust – were central to Justine’s management approach which established Rodine’s reputation as a Company of Choice for both clients and employees.