Greetings from the USA!

As the saying goes “curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back”. A dire warning perhaps, but when read in full reinforces the idea that taking risks and looking at the world from a different perspective, can also bring a lot of satisfaction and joy.

It is curiosity that has led us to New York this month. Having decided to take a closer look at overseas markets, we are currently in the USA and about to embark on a Knowledge and Study Tour hosted in New York by our friends at Business Chicks.

We all know that this is the city that never sleeps! One that is home to some of the world’s most innovative and future-focused companies in the world. So what better way to recharge our creative batteries than with a 5-day adventure taking a look behind the scenes of some of these world-leading businesses?

We will spend a day with the New York Fire Department state-of-the-art training academy taking a deep dive into team building, problem-solving and leadership development. How do these NYFD leaders manage pressure and command their teams not only in emergency situations but in the everyday ones too? Well, we’ll let you know next month…

Our time in the Big Apple will also have us spend some time at Stern University where we exploring Disruptive Thinking, taking Ideas to Action and the Agile Organisation. If you think about it, not at all unlike a renovation or building project where you need great project management skills, flexible thinking and the ability to transform that concept in your head into reality.

We will be sure to share our learnings (and perhaps a photo or two) in the October edition, but for now, take a moment and enjoy this month’s TILT.

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