I recently had the honour of being a guest speaker at a Women in Property Network (WIP Network) event in Melbourne. The mission of this group is to provide a community that supports, encourages and motivates women who either work (or maybe are considering) working in the property field. It’s a wonderful opportunity to hear women’s stories and what learnings they have gathered along their career journey – a fantastic and much-needed community.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable way to spend an afternoon and as always, I walked away with some learnings I can apply to myself and my business. As I’ve often found, there are snippets in anyone’s story that I can relate to and may resonate strongly. These moments have provided me with some of the most effective and dynamic shifts in my thinking, approaches, implementation and motivation.

Upon reflection of the WIP event and its mission, it got me thinking about the early day conversations Pia and I had in bringing our brainchild Build In Common to life.

When we first started having discussions about the concept of Build In Common, we identified a definite need for supporting consumers in the build of their projects. But it also went further than that.

From sharing our own stories and experiences of either building or renovating, we realised that our business approach became more than just providing a Toolkit.

Here are some of the things we identified from our own experiences and it is this mindset that ultimately became the framework to correlate our Toolkits, e-magazine (TILT), collaborations, partnerships and overall business ethos:



  • From having firsthand experience of the mistakes made in building, we wanted to provide our community with the opportunity to learn from our errors without the costly headaches. Basically, don’t do what we did in the early days.


  •  With the learnings and more importantly, knowing what to avoid, we wanted consumers to feel confident to tackle their projects.  Providing the right information may spur someone on to finally start the project they’ve been contemplating (or at least prevent further procrastinating and therefore possible disappointment). If we only knew then what we know now!


  • As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child. Well, the situation is similar when it comes to building. It takes a multitude of people to build and therefore a collaborative and community approach is important. We can’t be great at everything, so let’s learn from others and their expertise.


  • Demystify construction by making it consumer-friendly. We wanted people to enjoy their build and have an end project that will provide them with years’ of comfort and enjoyment. End up with what you set out to achieve.


  • Provide support and motivation. See what can be achieved, hear what others have done and know what is available to you. You’re not alone on your project journey. Simply put: Ask More. Know More. Build More.


At Build in Common we love hearing from people about their projects. It’s not just the fact that they have started, maybe midway through or indeed just completed a project, or the finer details of the construction, but it’s the story they share with us of their whole building journey.

We look forward to you sharing your stories with us!

Justine xoxo




THE WIP NETWORK  hosts events for women in the property industry in Sydney and Melbourne with the aim to bring together like-minded women to support, mentor and encourage one another. For further information simply visit www.wipnetwork.com.au.