Unfortunately, renovating a kitchen tends to be messy, time-consuming and can be expensive if not planned right. Why? Because almost all key trades are involved in making your new kitchen a reality.

You will have plumbers, electricians, cabinet makers, benchtop experts, painters, plasterers, flooring and maybe even window, door and tiling specialists visit your home. If your works involve moving walls or structural alternations, you can add bricklayers and engineers into the mix.

This is not a weekend makeover or one-week project like many reality TV shows would like us to believe. So, if you are going down this road, know what you are in for before you start, understand who will be responsible for what and most importantly, make sure they do it well!

So, who are the 5 most common essential trades you will need in your kitchen renovation team?


1. Cabinet Maker

This is usually one of the first trades that you will want to find and discuss your kitchen project with (unless you are using an architect or independent designer).

A cabinet maker manufactures and installs the joinery i.e. the cupboards, shelving, drawers, units and maybe even custom fits windows if needed.

Often, they also provide benchtops and work with a subcontracted company for the installation of stone benchtops etc.

                              Cabinet makers are central to creating your kitchen


2. Plumber

Every kitchen renovation or build requires a plumber to install the sink and connect the pipes and plumbing.

Moving pipes, adding a sink in the island bench in the middle of the room or adding an extra sink can all add to the cost, so ensure you discuss your design upfront to plan any structural work that may be needed eg. lifting the floorboards to move any pipes.   

Plumbing experts are crucial


3. Electrician

Your electrician will connect all appliances if electrical and will need to isolate power before any work starts.

They will also install any power points and new lighting (hang any pendant lighting to your specification).

Speak to them and get advice on lighting options BEFORE heading out to lighting stores.


4. Tiler or Splashback Specialist

It used to be the case that all kitchens needed some tiling work, but this is no longer always the case. Nowadays you may find that you replace tiles with modern splashbacks, which means the supplier of your splashback usually is best placed to measure up, create the template and install the splashback you have chosen.

However, if you are going down the more traditional tiling route, a professional experienced tiler is a must. They will also be a great resource to help you choose the right tiles, in terms of size and finish.

Good tiling is forever on show


5. Flooring Expert

Unless you are keeping completely to the existing layout of your cabinets it is reasonable to expect that you will have to repair, sand, polish or perhaps even re-lay the floor.

For wooden floorboards is may well be a case of sanding and polishing, with a new coat of sealant to make your floors shine again. Or perhaps you want to lay tiles or laminate flooring to create a different look?

As a rule keep in mind that kitchen floors are high traffic areas and tend to have to cope with spillages, breaks and things being dropped! So you will want to aim for non-slip and hardy scratch resistant surfaces to ensure both durability and maximum practicality.

If you are planning to create an open plan kitchen, moving walls, installing additional windows or undertaking structural works, you will need to engage a builder.

This may require building approval and could mean you may also need to get a designer, structural engineer and architect involved.

As for painting – well, that’s one of those jobs that many people choose to do themselves to reduce the cost of their kitchen renovation. It will all depend if you prefer to DIY or outsource!


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