Online photos of your property are often the first-place buyers look before deciding to visit a property. If your home doesn’t grab their attention it will be passed by and not given a chance. This is where home staging or home styling can make all the difference, both in attracting buyers to view your home as well as ultimately, the bottom line!

The goal of home staging is to help prospective home buyers connect emotionally with your home, hopefully leading to an offer to buy it.

Here are 10 essentials for you to consider when getting your home ready for sale:

1: First impressions are made by prospective buyers within 1 to 3 minutes. This is why kerb appeal is so essential. Kerb appeal is all about the attractiveness of your property and its surroundings when viewed from the street. Little things like poorly maintained or peeling paint on the front facade will only get buyers looking closely for more evidence of problems with the property. 


2: An outdated exterior colour scheme or poorly maintained painted paving near the front entrance will detract from the overall appeal, before they even set foot inside your house. Take the time to clean the paving, replace any broken tiles or pavers and kill off those weeds that have started to come through the paving.



3: When you first start thinking about selling, consider perhaps changing an outdated colour scheme, painting the front door (maybe adding a pop of colour), framing the entrance with selected pot plants and possibly adding some well-placed outdoor furniture.  Little things like changing the outdoor front light can lift an area and increase kerb appeal, without too much cost or effort. 


4: Ensuring the garden and lawns are all tidy and fresh mulch is laid before any photos are taken, will all add to enhance the appeal and first impressions. Take the time to remove any dead plants and replace these with appropriate plants to enhance the existing garden. Colour always works a treat!


5: Many people have trouble visualising the potential of a room or space. It’s often hard for them to imagine in their heads how their furniture will look in your property, especially when it is complicated by oddly placed furniture, clutter or décor that is not their style. This is where staging adds magic and helps eliminate the buyer’s guesswork. 


6: Most homes have characteristics that are selling points. These should be highlighted to avoid the risk of going unnoticed. The same applies to those characteristics that buyers may object to about your property – clever staging can assist with minimizing these.


7: De-cluttering is a trendy topic and begins with removing excess furniture within the property, as well as discarding all junk from the outside, including broken toys, furniture etc. De-cluttering also applies to spaces hidden from plain sight, including wardrobes and cupboards in the kitchen, any bathrooms and the laundry. At Styled for Selling we always suggest clients begin their packing process before any home open and leave their cupboards half full. Cupboards bursting with stuff give the impression there is not adequate storage, even if the property has plenty of it.



8: It is always hard to be objective about your own home and to see it clearly through the eyes of potential buyers. When it comes to selling, it is so important to remember that it is not about you anymore, but rather all about how to make it as appealing as possible to buyers.


9: Australians love their outdoor space, no matter how big or small, so this is definitely an area worth spending some attention on. If not already there, add some great outdoor furniture (appropriate for the space) to optimise appeal and paint a picture as to what entertaining could look like for any new owners. 


10: Staging the interior for a property is always dependent on market trends, and the potential buyer and demographic information relevant to the suburb your home is located in. The addition of appropriate soft furnishings, rugs, lamps, pictures, plus furniture, will all help to make the photos pop and help your property stand out from the competition.



The secret to styling a property is understanding who the potential buyer is for that particular house. Are they downsizers or a young family? First-time buyers or investors? Remember that details from the position of the couch to the colour scheme of the main bedroom all have the potential to send the powerful message to prospective buyers that This is my new home!


Thank you to our guest contributor, Helen March, Owner of Styled for Selling



Helen Marsh has been styling properties ranging from $350,000 to $3.5 million for more than a decade. Initially, Helen worked with Andrew Stevens, a registered builder/developer with a boutique building company, styling properties including designing layout, colours, finishes, lighting and landscaping. What started as a hobby 14 years ago, has grown into a thriving and very successful business.

Styled for Selling is a boutique styling business offering a variety of services including staging properties for the real estate market, home consultations, design advice and project managing.



Having developed wonderful working relationships with a number of trades including painters, builders, landscapers, handyman, cleaners and many more, Helen and the team all work together to offer the full package to homeowners to reduce the stress and time spent on preparing their property ready for a sale. Getting the right advice from colour schemes to the storage of excess furniture at the start will ensure you are minimizing extra furniture hire and not making mistakes regarding colour schemes.

For more information visit or @styledforselling on Facebook and Instagram.