Estimation of number of rolls:

  1. For a standard wall, you should get 3 drops to a roll for a room with a standard ceiling height (2.5m).
  2. Check the length of the wall.
  3. Divide the length of the wall by the width of the wallpaper (usually 530mm, but note that may vary).
  4. Divide that number by 3 and you will get the number of rolls needed.

Example with a 6 metres length wall

  • • Divide 6 by 0.530 (wallpaper roll width) = 11.3
  • • Divide 11.3 by 3 (number of drops per roll ) = 3.7 rolls.
  • •  In this case, it may be best to purchase 4 rolls.

Check the batch number

Make sure that all rolls are from the same batch number to ensure consistency of colour and pattern.


Estimating Wallpaper Paste

  • When estimating how much paste you will need to purchase, count 1.5kg of paste per roll.
  • Be aware that the type of wallpaper you have chosen will make a difference to the type of adhesive you use.
  • If the paper is printed, textured or flocked make sure you use the correct type and strength of adhesive.
  • Some wallpaper manufacturers will advise you on what type of adhesive to use – if they specify a type, it is a good idea to follow their instructions.
  • When decorating with wallpaper from the Porter’s Paints Wallpaper range it is recommended to use Porter’s Wallpaper Paste. Porter’s Paints Wallpaper Paste is a vegetable cellulose based ready-to-use (no mixing) paste.


Shrink back

  • To avoid shrink back always ensure thorough surface preparation and correct application of wallpaper paste.
  • Allow newly hung wallpaper to dry naturally and slowly and do not force the drying process with heaters or central heating.


Post-installation product care

  • Porter’s Paints Wallpaper is finished with a clear low lustre varnish to give a general form of protection.
  • It may be cleaned from time to time if required, using a clean lint-free cloth dampened with warm water or warm soapy water only. Gently wipe clean the wallpaper surface, being careful not to over wet the wallpaper or to scrub abrasively.
  • For wallpaper being installed in high traffic areas, or where moisture and steam are in periodic contact, a coating of Porter’s Matt Wall Sealer or All Purpose Clear Sealer can be applied. These products are the only clear sealers recommended as suitable for Porter’s wallpaper.



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