10 Questions to ask your tradie before you say “YES”!

How do you know if the tradesperson who shows up on your front door or calls you back, is the right person for the job? How can you tell the good from the bad?  Should you simply be grateful that they showed up and claim to be able to do the job?

Obviously the answer to the last question is a clear NO! Remember, it’s your property, your money, your time they are going to be working with. So to help you with putting some context around how to figure out if someone is up to the job, we have created a handy list of 10 basic questions you should be asking before you commit to anything.

Does the thought of asking these questions make you feed uncomfortable? Ask yourself why? After all, are you really willing to trade feeling a little awkward for a few moments, with having the wrong person do the job?  You may feel embarrassed in the short term, but that is nothing compared to having to live with a bad repair job, renovation or building design for years to come.

Remember, most tradies actually want to do a good job and take great pride in their work. They will have nothing to hide and will happily answer any questions you have!

10 Questions to ask a tradie before you say “YES”.

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Remember, planning and having the right information on hand before you get started, is key to successfully renovating and building.

Our range of Build in Common Toolkits have been designed as go-to-guides to give you the questions you need to ask of the building professionals, trades and service providers. Asking the right questions gives you the answers you need to make informed decisions and take the guesswork out of building and renovating.

They will put you firmly back in control of your project, your home and your budget.