Welcome to our new look e-magazine! If you have been following our journey since we launched in late 2017 you will have heard us speak about our passion for change, empowerment and engagement in an industry that is very traditional, technical and all too often lacks a consumer centric approach. Enter “TILT”. Our vision is to balance the scales back in favour of the consumer (and especially women), by demystifying the build cycle, including the trade and construction aspects involved in renovating, building or developing property.

The definition of tilt is broad and usually conjures up images of a steep slope, an imbalance or inequality, or even a sense of conflict.

If you have ever been in a situation of being mansplained by a tradie, heard the mantra of “just leave it to the professionals” or simply felt completely overwhelmed by technical jargon thrown at you, then perhaps you have a sense of what we are hoping to achieve.

Change will flow by creating a vibrant, well-connected and educated marketplace for anyone looking to navigate the building process and interested in creating wealth and financial independence through property upgrades and development.

Yet how do we achieve this in a busy world with inboxes that are challenged daily by a seemingly never-ending flow of information?


To help you access and digest the content in our regular updates we have created two options:

  1. One is for you to do a quick review of the content in our e-newsletter, segmented into distinct and easy to read blog articles.
  2. The alternative is to treat yourself to a deep dive into all of this and more, by downloading TILT to read at your leisure.

Each month you can access tips and insights from industry professionals, save templates to help with planning, renovating and building, stay up to date with new products, services and building trends, as well as access insightful video stories.

So, grab a cup of your favourite hot brew, take a moment and treat yourself to some of the inside knowledge to put you in control of your next building project.

Click here and enjoy!