“Behind every great idea is a great woman (or two). It’s not what you know, it’s the questions you ask.”

  2. To ENABLE

For most, home is not only where the heart is, but also tends to be the single largest investment we make in our lives.  Many Australians looking to enter the housing market or climb the property ladder see renovating as the best way to increase property value, create a nicer home or decrease any upkeep required.  Reports show that almost half of Australian home owners are considering renovating their home in the next 5 years!  So, when the time is finally right to give that tired old kitchen a facelift, extend the family’s living space by adding a couple of rooms, or even perhaps finally building that dream home, it should be a great feeling right? Instead, and unfortunately all too often, we hear someone lament “I’d love to, but I just don’t know where to start”.  This is precisely the reason why Build in Common was created – to empower, enable and demystify.

Most of us are not serial renovators or builders, and gone are the days when women were expected to, or even if they wanted to, could, leave it to their husbands or partners to handle such things!  So, we are left reliant on experts and professionals in what is still very much a male dominated industry.  We trust that they can deliver us that dream result we can picture in our heads, but don’t quite know how to describe or articulate.  Afraid of looking ignorant or being taken advantage of, many women view this as a daunting and intimidating process.

So what if the solution is simply knowing the right questions to ask, rather than trying to know all the answers yourself?  Co-founders Justine Teggelove and Pia Turcinov are excited to be developing an online Toolbox full of toolkits, tips and information, supported by an exciting event program, to help women navigate the building process. Whether you are planning a renovation, extension or a completely new build, Build in Common will help you take control and give you the confidence to ask the right questions, to the right person at the right time in the build cycle.

At Build in Common we really do believe that you’ve got this!


Would you like to contribute or Partner With Us? We’d love to hear from you. Share your knowledge with our community and together we can empower women to complete their building project.

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